Evoworld warrants our boiler system against workmanship as follows:


Pressure vessel: 10 years

Pressure vessel meaning the water containing heat exchanger. This excludes all attachments welded, threaded and bolted such as valves, pumps, piping, fans, springs, sensors, etc. These excluded welded attachments are warrantied for two (2) years.

Thermal storage tank: 5 years

The thermal storage tanks manufactured and supplied by Evoworld are warrantied against defects in material and workmanship for five (5) years.

Thermal storage tanks supplied by Evoworld but manufactured by other companies shall retain the warranty of the original manufacturer.

All attachments supplied with the thermal storage tanks are warranted for two (2) years.

Wear parts: 2 years

Wear parts include any items exposed to movement and/or excess heat such as, but not limited to: the final feed system, combustion chamber, exhaust system, ash discharge system and turbulator operating system.

Steelwork: 5 years

Steelwork includes any metal assemblies not considered part of the pressure vessel, thermal storage tank, or wear components.

Electronics: 2 years

Electronics include components and their associated subcomponents such as, but not limited to: motors, fans, displays, control boards, temperature sensors, oxygen sensors, relays, transformers, wiring, proximity sensors, infrared sensors, inverters, heat control modules, igniters, potentiometers, and any similar component or subcomponent. The boiler must be installed with a surge protector or equivalent. Damage due to power surges or improper wiring is not covered under warranty.

Painted parts: 1 year

Painted parts include any part that has a painted finish and does not fall into any of the above categories.


The warranty is immediately void under the following situations such as, but not limited to:

Evoworld is not responsible for any damage or problems created by others to the equipment supplied prior to and after installation and commissioning of the system. This includes, but is not limited to, mishandling, misusing, improper installation or actions considered normal operation. Based upon these damages or problems, Evoworld reserves the right to redefine the warranty.
All Evoworld supplied equipment must be installed in an environment assuring its protection from any internal or external sources of damage such as water from any source, rain, snow, humidity and extreme temperatures high and low.
Wood pellet boilers should only be fired with premium wood pellets as a minimum standard certified by the pellet fuel institute. Wood chip boilers should only be fired with wood chips that meet the G30 / G50 requirement per ONORM 7133 with a moisture content not exceeding 30%.
Once startup has occurred the following should be properly maintained to assure specified warranty:
1. Return water temperature to the boiler must be sustained above 130° F. The use of an approved mix valve or dosing pump is required to maintain the warranty.
2. The required amount of thermal storage shall be used with the system. Bypassing this system is not acceptable. Failure to do so may degrade system performance and shall void the warranty.
3. The boiler system should maintain positive pressure. Operating the boiler as an open, unpressurized system or above 30 psi shall void the warranty.
4. Venting shall be properly installed and maintained and shall conform to all local codes.
5. All required maintenance shall be performed per the operating manual.
6. The quality of feed and boiler water shall be maintained to minimize scale buildup and balance pH. Failure to do so shall void the warranty.
7. Never access or alter settings within the boiler controller service menu without explicit authorization from Evoworld. All external safety devices shall be properly installed and maintained.
8. The boiler system should be inspected and serviced annually by a certified technician.

Warranty Part Methodology

Evoworld will send and bill the part the customer claims under warranty. The customer will return to Evoworld the part in question for evaluation. Customer shall be liable for all billings if warranty parts are not returned to Evoworld within 15 days. Evoworld will evaluate the part in question based on warranty requirements and, if satisfied, will credit the customer.
Evoworld shall at their sole discretion repair or replace components and/or associated subcomponents.
Evoworld is not responsible for any labor or transportation charges incurred by the customer.